Sunday, July 12, 2009

My son Ben leaves for the high contry/we have been together so little these days that we hardly notice

  • We have been stuck before in an uncomprimised position. The kids scattered throughout/Danielle/Kevin/Adam in Maine. It is hard to swallow the disappearance of people you love. Their agendas fall where they may and I follow along in my heart and mind. THIS SU
    PROVES TO BE A LONELY PIT. We have traveled and slept in the wilds/placed our breast at the foot of The PIETA.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Now that the Buffalo's gone/B.S.M.- DEEP night/a passing of spirit world /Ahdy holds on to the dream while his teeth punch up

  • We sit in this glass booth/it is we who are paid to do nothing but sing to the public in piped over voices channeling a sense of humor and destiny. The soft grass between our toes and the moon shots.(B.S.M.) We cannot find the peace anywhere but dealing with the public/a forum taught to us by our ancestors. It is this creation of inter amalgamation of the spirits weaving in an undestined light which brings forth the personality.