Saturday, May 2, 2009

the family at the lake /drop dead fred /an indian motel

  1. please know that experimentation is the artist friend /create the buddy list from the heart /take nothing for grantedLAKE mICHIGAN GRIND CORNROWS IN BASIN SEAWEED /THE LAKE RIPPLES AND REELS LIKE HONEY ICE /SHUSH /WHUSH /SHUSH /SHUSH /HUSH /LEMON ICE /BEACH BIRDS LIKE GLASS PERCH ON UMBRELLAS /SAND BLOWS ON BAKED FLESH / in/di/ana dunes rise to the sky /we climb white hills /fertile and still /flowers dance /we roll down /like the sun /like the sun/shush /whush /shush /whush hush /honey ice and lemon wash

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