Sunday, May 3, 2009

unresolved poem about murder and disregard

  1. please know that experimentation is the artist friend /create the buddy list from the heart /take nothing for granted ah mumia /LUIMA / DIALLO /LUIMA dIALLO /SHARPTON FIGHTS /FOR THE PEOPLE / hUNTER STUDENT HAS BUTCHER BKNIFE STIVKING OUT / OF HER CHEST / WITH HER GROCERIES STREW ON THE SIDEWAK ///cHRISTINE IS MISSING / BUT gARRY bUSH KNOWS DA cACCA /jOHNNY cOCRAM KNOWS o.j. / AND A MAN SAY HE'S SORRY FOR PUSHING wEBDALE OFF THE PLATFORM /CAUSE HE DIDN'T TAKE HIS PILS / THE ART TEACHER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND ON pearl st. complained and they went missing / but if you can't find the bodies / you're not assumed dead / aaren't we alldying bit by lil' bit disintegrating into toes and bone while our flesh dries fro lack of care

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