Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1982/Fletcher Place COMMUNITY center/FREE store / INDPLS. ,Indiana

  • I STAND AT THE DOOR/WAIT for the store to open /this is my time away from the kitchen/ Cora/leans on her cart/like a sister/ she has a full beard / Esther/covers her mouth with her fingers/they flutter in front of her/ she is toothless/I AM ALMOST / SHE SWEARS HER HUSBAND/George could hear/long after he died / the bell sound/clothes hang on racks neatly/ boxes hold shoes/scarves/underwear/ we carry cardboard boxes/ fill up on little knicknacks/volunteer s /Ida and Billie/ yell at us /keep nthe racks straight/don't drop hangers/ be sure to safetypin the pants back/ I CARRY THE MOST/ coats/little crafts made of wood/books......

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