Monday, June 29, 2009

Ripley's Believe it or Not/this I know/I love like none other

My new friends/ The Lady with The Beard/she never got married/her weight is more than 6oolbs./ A glass booth with Mr Sunken Cheeks/an allusion/plastic large lenses cover eye balls. (a lady peeping frm the street) I PULL HER IN FOR AN EDUCATED OPINION/"Not real/she says,look at their eyes" I HAVE MADE FRIENDS W/DUMMIES/IT IS NOT TRUE/they must have pin holes in their eyes. I stay with them at the booth for at least twenty minutes. Their voices sing different riffs in an low unnatural sound/I look at her hand/ it is large/veins run through/His sucked in face/has a quality about it like the man one meets at the bar/we cry together express our deepest fears and goals to one another. It will be five hundred dollars a week that /from my hotel room around the corner will not spend.

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